A Dog And Bunny Friend Were Abandoned Together And Left To Fend For Themselves

Hope For Paws received a call from Mary Chatman about a dog and bunny who were abandoned on the streets and left to fend for themselves. Before rescuers could arrive, Mary was able to capture the dog whom she named Biscotti! But the bunny friend was still out there.

There were many areas where the bunny could escape, but Loretta came up with a great plan using two nets to safely and gently lure the little one in. She named her Bunchik after her dog who’d recently passed, and they continued back to the hospital stopping for some fresh vegetables to feed the hungry bunny!

The Lovejoy Foundation was able to find Biscotti a wonderful forever home very quickly! As for Bunchik, Loreta and Eldad fostered her for a few days until she could be spayed, and L.A. Animal Rescue is currently searching for her forever home. These animals will never be abandoned again! 🙂