Man Thinks He’s Going To A Meeting, Gets A Service Dog Instead

Shortly after graduating from high school, Cody broke his neck. The injury left him confined to a wheelchair with limited use of his arms. And just recently his service dog, Wrigley, passed away. The dog was loved by not only Cody but everyone in the office where he works. Cody couldn’t afford a new service dog, so his coworkers were moved to turn his loss into something more.

One day at work, Cody was on his way to what he thought was a business meeting. But what was actually on the agenda left him speechless. It turns out all of his coworkers had come together to raise the funds needed to get Cody a new service dog. He was touched beyond words. He was presented with a check for more than $18,000 which would be enough to match him with Mack. The employees couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spread kindness to a colleague.

Mack the Golden Retriever entered Cody’s life eager to be his little helper. Service dogs aren’t just pets to the people who need them, they are their companions. Many tasks are impossible to accomplish without the help of one of these dogs, and now Cody has the partner he so desperately needed.

Cody is still stunned by the workers’ act of kindness. He can’t believe employees — not close friends, but employees — wanted to come together to raise that much money to help someone out. Well believe it, Cody. Because it sounds like you have some amazing people as your coworkers. 🙂