Tired Of His Pets Freeloading, Dad Proposes They Start Earning Their Keep

This man thinks it’s about time pets start pulling their weight and earning their keep. And he has a point; all they do all day is sleep, lie around, and eat. Why should he have to work so hard to provide everything? Well, dad has a proposal for the freeloaders.

He starts with the cat. “You just gonna lie here all day?” That changes now! There are things to be done. While dad’s away, he wants the cat to set out the trash, wash the car, clean the fish tank, brush and bathe the dog, vacuum the house, walk the dog, and make dinner. Phew, what a to-do list!

Then it’s on to the other pets. The dog tries to pull a fast one on dad and act like his leg is broken. The empty toilet paper tube almost fooled him! It doesn’t seem like the dog is too excited to get to work either.

“I can’t work, I’ve hurt my leg.” 😀

The joke’s over. Dad was just kidding the whole time. Lazy cat, you no longer have to act like you’re trying to put the fitted sheet on the bed. Go back to what you do best — hiding in the sheets, relaxing, and closing off the outside world. 😛

We don’t make pets do chores. They already do so much! Pets add life.

Pets reduce blood pressure, reduce stress levels, keep you entertained, and provide unconditional love. What more could we ask for? Now go give your pet a hug and thank it for all it has done and continues to do. 🙂