Cop Finds K9s Neglected In Their Retirement, Spends His Savings To Care For Them

Having served the Chinese police department for 13 years, Officer Bai Yan worked with many K9s. He thought that after the police dogs retired that they went on to live the normal lives of other dogs, but he was appalled when he learned the truth. Most of these dogs went on to lives of neglect and starvation, some even being euthanized without consideration for forever homes.

He had to do something about it, so he spent one million yuan ($150,000) of his own money to build a place for retired K9s so he could properly care for them. In total, 26 dogs have checked into his retirement facility, one of whom even beat cancer under his care after the vets had given up!

Bai Yan has since retired from the police force but spends most of his time tending to these dogs in the sanctuary. Watch the video below to see the effort and care he lovingly puts into his new purpose in life.