Dog Found Abandoned On The Street With Only A Torn Cardboard Box

Hope For Paws received word of an abandoned dog on the street, so JoAnn and Katie set out for rescue. Upon arrival, they saw the Chihuahua sitting there beside a cardboard box. The poor girl had nothing and didn’t trust anyone — anyone who didn’t have food, that is. 😉

With a cheeseburger in hand, JoAnn was able to lure the dog over. She would then use a gentle snare to secure the Chihuahua for good. Rescuers spoke to a neighbor who’d been feeding the dog for a week, and he’d named her Frijoles.

It was now time to get Frijoles back to the hospital for a checkup and bath. The sweet girl seemed grateful for the affection, and she went on to be fostered by LA Animal Rescue who’d find her a loving forever home in no time! See her with her new family today in the video below. 🙂