‘Who’s Gonna Tell Her?’ Deaf Puppy Creates Her Very Own Bark

Reese is a deaf puppy, and she has to do some things her own way to get by. And that includes barking. Seeing as she has never actually heard a bark before, the pup does what she thinks is barking; Sometimes there’s no sound coming out at all, and other times it’s a super adorable “squeak squeak”! 🙂

Samantha Ramos and her husband adopted Reese and quickly realized she was different from the others. A vet confirmed she was indeed a deaf puppy, but the self-taught dog would thrive as she learned to circumvent her disability. Amazing!

@roxanne.and.reese who’s gonna tell her 🥺 #dogsofttiktok #deafdog ♬ original sound – Roxanne & Reese