Dog’s Teddy Bear Is In Direct Path Of The Vacuum, But His Sister Saves The Day

Mom gets out the vacuum to clean the house, and the dogs go on high alert. Charlie left out his stuffed toy, and it’s in direct path of the sweeper. He starts barking and attacking, but it’s Esme’s cooler head that would prevail and save the day! 😀

“Darla Sanchez captured the moment her dogs Esme, eight, and Charlie, seven, barked at the vacuum cleaner in their house in California, US. In Darla’s video, Esme is seen grabbing a stuffed dog with her mouth and dragging it under the bed in a hilarious attempt to rescue it. The video went viral online with millions of views. Darla said: ‘This happens every time I vacuum, they will rescue anything from it. But they are trained to release, if not I would never finish cleaning.'” Credit @3.bad.siblings