Dog Who Couldn’t Walk Left At The Shelter & Put In A Cart To Be Put Down That Day

A dog was left at the shelter because he could no longer walk, and his owner said he could no longer care for the pet. The boy was placed on the euthanasia list that very day, but it would never get to that point; A foster named McKenzie decided to take him in and see what she could do!

But the next morning at the vet, the dog was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy with the recommendation to humanely put him down. McKenzie had an emotional breakdown and asked if she could at least take Doc home for one final good day.

So McKenzie and Grant took the dog in the front yard for a picnic and decided to see if Doc would show any signs of being able to walk. They hoisted him up with a makeshift harness, and the dog actually showed motor function in his back legs! They couldn’t believe it. They went ahead and canceled the euthanasia with Doc showing a strong fight to live on! This couple would see it through, and it just goes to show that sometimes all it takes is a chance. 🙂