Abusive Babysitter Thought She Could Get Away With It, But The Dog Was Onto Her

The dog knew what the babysitter was doing to the toddler when the parents were away. So he sprung into action.

When Benjamin and Hope Jordan were looking for a babysitter for their child, they settled on a woman named Alexis Khan after a lot of interviews and vetting process. But little did they know the person whom they hired to look after their toddler would end up being the one abusing the baby. What’s more, they wouldn’t even have known something was wrong if it wasn’t for their intuitive and protective dog, Killian.


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: josh hour / via YouTube


When they hired Alexis, things seemed to be going smoothly for the first few weeks. But then the Jordans noticed Killian acting strangely toward Alexis. He would become aggressive every time Alexis entered the room and would bark at her or try to attack her.


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: josh hour / via YouTube


The parents decided to trust their dog’s intuition and set up an audio recording device to check on what Alexis was doing with their kid. Sure enough, the recording devices caught hours of abusive and sent the parents into a shock.


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: josh hour / via YouTube


The Jordans took immediate action, and their actions helped put Alexis in prison for child abuse. Alexis was also barred from working with children. All this was possible thanks to the super smart and protective actions of Killian. You are our hero, Killian!

Click the video below to watch how Killian went above and beyond to protect his baby friend from abuse!


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