Dog Sees Puma Chasing A Little Girl, So He Charges At The Puma

The Puma weighed 180 lbs and the dog weighed 90 lbs. But the dog didn't care. He just wanted to save the little girl.

There have been many stories about a dog’s unwavering loyalty toward his family. This story is right up there with the best of them. It features the act of a brave pooch who was ready to lay down his life to save the little girls from his family from a deadly wildcat attack.

It all began when the two little girls, Sofie and Yoli, wandered into a nearby forest to pick some figs from a tree. They climbed up a tree that was full of figs, but little did they know, they weren’t alone in the tree. To their shock, they spotted a Puma who had also climbed up the same tree. Without much warning, the deadly wildcat lunged at them.


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: jacobmammano / via YouTube


The girls fell from the tree and began to run, but the Puma jumped down and began chasing them. That’s when Sofie’s dog, Morocho, spotted the danger and charged at the Puma. The Puma weighed 180 lbs and Morocho just weighed half that at 90 lbs. But that didn’t stop the loyal and brave dog from trying to protect the little girls.

When Sofie’s father, Tomas Bracamonte heard the commotion, he ran to the spot to check out what was happening. There, he found a severely injured Morocho lying on the ground. Then, Tomas saw the body of the Puma a few feet away. The Puma was dead. Morocho had put his life on the line but had successfully protected his loved ones from certain death.


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: jacobmammano / via YouTube


Tomas carried Morocho back to his farm. There, the whole family diligently nursed Morocho back to health over the next ten days. Morocho recovered fully and became the hero of the community and his family. The loyalty of a dog is one of the greatest things one can experience in life. Morocho, you are nothing short of a legend!

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