Husky Clearly Says ‘No’ And Shakes Her Head When Told To Come In From The Snow

East Texas was hit with a snowstorm unlike anything that had come across the area in a long time. Some parts saw as much as 8 inches of snow, and for many, it was the most snow they’d ever seen. Take this Husky, for instance… 😉

Malakai the 5-year-old Husky got a taste of what it’s like to be outside in this white fluffy stuff. And let’s just say, the dog seemed pretty happy! She was told repeatedly to come back inside after having some fun, but the silly pup simply refused!

“Come inside. I can get in trouble for animal cruelty if you do not come inside!” Mom demanded of Malakai. But the excited dog says “no” in some pretty clear English and even shakes her head no! Watch below to see for yourself. 😀