Dog Happy To See That Parents Threw Him A Party For His Birthday

Ever since being adopted three years ago, Odin has lived in Mexico with the Cetina family. He’s the best dog they could ever ask for, and they repay him with lots of love and affection and by spoiling him as much as possible! So with Odin’s birthday on the horizon, Joyce decided they’d celebrate it in a big way. 🙂

Joyce Cetina

She got him a dog-friendly cake and put up the decorations and then called on Odin to reveal the surprise. At first the little guy was taken aback, but once he realized it was all for him, he couldn’t stop smiling!

Joyce Cetina

Odin was so happy. I mean, there was a whole cake just for him! And a birthday party wouldn’t be complete without the singing of “Happy Birthday.” The good boy’s wide eyes and big grin said it all. How special is this? 🙂

H/T The Dodo