The Reason These Puppies Were Found Wet In An Abandoned Box Will Break Your Heart

A post by Imgur user Nuedd tells the story of some puppies that were found abandoned in a box. While some of the details are heart-wrenching, there are some happy endings involved too. Read the story in their own words:


“It’s just another day where we wish we could do more for animals. Last week we heard from a friend here in Alberobello that 10 puppies had been found discarded in a cardboard box in a city nearby with the mother or owner nowhere to be seen. Luckily, someone found them and tried their best to take care of them, but they were only one person and had no space at home to care for them. A few days later and they were living in their current location in a vets no more than a three minute walk away from Franca’s house, so whilst we shared as much info about them across Facebook so that a home could be found, they’re still living at the vet. We offered our help and hadn’t heard a thing until today. We got a call about an hour ago that the vet was struggling and needed some help feeding the seven puppies still living there (two unfortunately didn’t live long after being found, the other has been adopted). Naturally, we jumped at the chance to help. In desperate need of a bath, these little boys and girls were prepared to wait in order to have their evening meal first; and as you can see, were eager to finish every last bottle. It really felt great to help out and feed them before they’re whisked away to be given a real big wash to remove that yellow pee coating they’ve given each other; but we really wish we could do more. It’s another one of those days where we wish we had a home to shelter all of the animals we meet along the road. All of the abandoned cats and dogs, and the strays who eat what they can find in the bins. One day, when we do finally settle down and have a place I know that we’ll take in every animal we can. It’s the least we can do. Just sometimes I wish we could do more right now, today.” – Dale

[Source – Imgur]