Owners Throw Bait Dog Into Pile Of Dead Animals When He Was ‘No Longer Useful’

One fateful day when Casey Lawrence, a board member of Every Life Matters Animal Rescue and real estate agent, was showing a property, he got lost while walking the property and found himself in a wooded area. What he saw there shook him to his core. Casey saw a severely injured and freezing dog lying in the middle of several dead animals. Casey immediately placed a call to Baxter Veterinary Clinic, who rushed to the spot to rescue the pooch. They named the dog Rambo and took him back to the clinic.


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: WCCB Charlotte’s CW / via WCCB Charlotte’s CW


“We believe that he is a bait dog that was dumped and left to die in a pile of other animal carcasses. He’s not aggressive – and that’s why he’s used as “bait” for fighting dogs. His injuries are severe and he can barely lift his head,” the clinic wrote on its Facebook page.


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: WCCB Charlotte’s CW / via WCCB Charlotte’s CW


Rambo’s injuries were so severe that two of his limbs had to be amputated. But despite his horrific life, Rambo is a very loving dog. He loves meeting new people and loves wagging his tail. The shelter soon found a loving forever home for Rambo who took him in and showered him with much need love and attention! Today, Rambo is living a full life, eats well, and even travels a lot! What a trooper!

Click the video below to watch Rambo getting lots of belly rubs and toys amidst his treatment!


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