Owners Throw Bait Dog Into Pile Of Dead Animals When He Was ‘No Longer Useful’

Rambo was used as a bait dog and was severely injured from years of abuse. When he was no longer of use to them, they simply 'tossed him away' to die.

One fateful day when Casey Lawrence, a board member of Every Life Matters Animal Rescue and real estate agent, was showing a property, he got lost while walking the property and found himself in a wooded area. What he saw there shook him to his core. Casey saw a severely injured and freezing dog lying in the middle of several dead animals. Casey immediately placed a call to Baxter Veterinary Clinic, who rushed to the spot to rescue the pooch. They named the dog Rambo and took him back to the clinic.


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: WCCB Charlotte’s CW / via WCCB Charlotte’s CW


“We believe that he is a bait dog that was dumped and left to die in a pile of other animal carcasses. He’s not aggressive – and that’s why he’s used as “bait” for fighting dogs. His injuries are severe and he can barely lift his head,” the clinic wrote on its Facebook page.


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: WCCB Charlotte’s CW / via WCCB Charlotte’s CW


Rambo’s injuries were so severe that two of his limbs had to be amputated. But despite his horrific life, Rambo is a very loving dog. He loves meeting new people and loves wagging his tail. The shelter soon found a loving forever home for Rambo who took him in and showered him with much need love and attention! Today, Rambo is living a full life, eats well, and even travels a lot! What a trooper!

Click the video below to watch Rambo getting lots of belly rubs and toys amidst his treatment!


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