Six Years Later, Family Reunites With Dog Who Went Missing From Backyard

Debi Vazquez and daughter DaNae let their three dogs outside in the yard of their home in San Antonio, Texas, and removed their collars for the time being so they wouldn’t get dirty in the rain. But when they called for the dogs to come back inside, King never returned. And six years later on Debi’s birthday, they’d get a startling phone call.

The family was devastated and put up an extensive search including social media posts and reward offers but eventually had to give up as the years passed by.

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And then the phone call from Fort Lauderdale six years later. It turns out a woman had surrendered King after just six months saying she could no longer care for him. Staff at the Humane Society of Broward County found King’s microchip and were able to trace him back to the Vazquez family. So mother and daughter packed up and headed out for the 20-hour road trip as no flights were readily available, and they just couldn’t wait!

After the 1,300-mile journey to South Florida, the family was reunited with their now 15-year-old dog. No one knows how he made it all that way, but King’s back where he belongs although he’s now a lot skinnier than they remember.

The Vazquez family wants to remind everyone to microchip their pets and never remove the collars! 🙂

H/T – Newsweek