Man Dumps Box With Dying Baby Animal In Parking Lot And Drives Away

This just makes my blood boil!

Pets are like children. Abandoning them leaves them lost, scared, confused and lonely. This is exactly what happened to a sickly puppy when his owner dumped him in a box in a parking lot and just drove away. A CCTV camera caught the man’s heartless act.


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: The Dodo / via YouTube


Shannon found the sick puppy in the box and brought him home. He was weak as can be, covered in mange, and barely weighed 4 lbs. He was struggling to survive, and at this weak moment in his early life, his owner discarded him like trash. Shannon named him “Jiminy Cricket” and decided she was going to nurse him back to health and make sure he had a happy life.


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: The Dodo / via YouTube


It took a few weeks of struggle and persistence, but Jiminy Cricket finally began to thrive under Shannon’s care. He grow up to become such a love-bug that Shannon and her family decided to become foster fails and adopt him themselves! What a happy ending for such a loving pooch!

Click the video below to watch how Jiminy Cricket went from almost dying in a box to living his fullest life!


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